Knowledge Dissemination Project

Knowledge Dissemination Project (KDP)

We patronize the works in frontier areas of thinking. We feel that there are so much dark patches in the existing knowledge in different subject. The right knowledge by right approach/methodology is the need of the hour. It includes putting fresh ideas and theories in the old coat. The frontier researches at present are:

  • Quark Physics
  • Big-Bang and Gravity Waves
  • Particle Physics
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Relativity and Biological Observer – Bio Frame
  •  Live bond for Living atom & Living molecules

And there are many others cropping up. Our motto is to render social service by dissemination of proper knowledge. We are in contact with authors / researchers  of different countries and different  fields like mathematician, physicist, doctors who are ready for sharing and exchanging their views. Some research papers are ready and to be published soon. For research works of Pradip De, a physicist and engineer for the year 2018 is related to Quark Related matter.

We hereby called upon all interested person and authors working in different specialized field to contact with us and use the platform for exchange of views. A separate institution will come up soon to cater the need. We hereby seek advice, assistance (technical / financial) from interested people / organization to set up the new institution.

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